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Cracking the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

Ultimate Coding Interview Bootcamp. Solve 100+ Coding Questions on HackerRank, Leetcode & GeeksforGeeks which are recently asked in MNCs. Everything you need to crack Tech. Interview

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This Live Course Includes:

What You will Learn

Crack Coding Questions which are recently asked in MNC Companies like:

Course Contents

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Basic Syntax of Java
  • Entry Control Loop
  • Exit Control Loop
  • Nested Loop
  • Types of Functions
  • Signature of Functions
  • Questions related to functions
  • Memory Management
  • Introduction to arrays
  • Multidimentional Arrays
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • Questions related to Arrays
  • String Pool
  • String Operations
  • StringBuilder
  • Questions related to String and String builder
  • Core Concept of Recursion
  • Basic Questions related to Recursion
  • Complex Questions related to Recursion
  • Backtracking
  • Four Pillar of OOPs
  • Classes and Objects
  • Introduction to Linkedlist
  • Creation of Linkedlist
  • Operations related to Linkedlist
  • Questions related to Linkedlist
  • Introduction to Stacks
  • Use Case
  • Questions related to Stacks
  • Introduction to Queues
  • Applications
  • Difference between Stack and Queues
  • Questions related to Queues
  • Introduction to Trees
  • Introduction to Binary Tree
  • Binary Tree Creation
  • Questons related to Binary Trees
  • Introduction to Binary Search Tree
  • Binary Tree Creation
  • Tree Traversals
  • Applications
  • Difference between Binary and Binary Search Tree
  • Questions related to Binary Trees
  • Introduction to Generic Tree
  • Questions related to Generic Tree
  • Introduction to DP
  • Questions related to Dynamic Programming
  • Graph Theory
  • Traversals
  • Questions related to Graphs
  • Concept of HashMap
  • Questions on HashMap
  • Concept of PriorityQueue
  • Questions on PriorityQueue
  • Requirements


    Do you know that 'Technical Interview' is one of the tough part in the whole process of Interview ? so we at CodeGen curated 100+ Coding questions which are recently asked in MNCs like Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Amazon, Meta & more..

    Are constantly browsing hundreds of website to solve coding questions?. Worry no more ! We are presenting you a live bootcamp with expert Instructor where you will solve & learn Data Structures & Algorithms along the way.

    The strategies & expertise that you can witness on how to crack technical interviews with ease of our Live Bootcamps. Also get Certification to boost your resume.


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    Thank You for the Live Bootcamp! Its was an engaging session + was able to solve coding questions with a flow. Instructor helped me to solve doubts & questions.
    CSE Student
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    Instructor was very friendly and was able to understand the complex problems in an easy manner. Thank You Codegen for the bootcamp.
    ISE Student
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    CodeGen provided all the tools & resources so it made the bootcamp easy to understand. Course is well structured & planned
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    Live session was interactive and fun way to solve questions. Instructor made the complex problem in a step by step way.


    Aman Srivastava

    Hola, Amigos!
    I'm Aman Srivastava, and I'm your programme mentor. With over 4 years of experience and having taught over 1000 students to ace problem solving, logic building, and DSA (Data Structures & Algorithms).

    I am proficient in a variety of programming languages, including C++, Java, and Python. As a tech-savvy mentor, my sole goal is to help you understand the complexities of each and every logical problem of the DSA world.

    Join me on this circuitous journey to nail job interviews at the right time in a right way!

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